Executive Coaching

Six-month intensive program with 1:1 coaching designed to empower leaders to play big, whether they aspire to thrive in their current role or accelerate their career in record time.

This unique coaching framework fosters growth mindset, physical resilience and energy to unlock inner transformation that drives results on the outside, fast!
The program is available in two distinctive variations, each catering to unique preferences and needs: Essentials and Signature offering.


Begin With Self-Awareness

Heightened self-awareness is the hallmark of every high-functioning executive. Establish a baseline and gain deep insight into your behavioral patterns through leading assessments.

  • Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) Assessment – Proprietary, research-backed assessment to uncover how you show up to the world – under normal circumstances and when you’re under stress. Gain awareness of how your energy levels may be affecting your behavior and relationships.
  • Boardroom Zen™ Health & Lifestyle Assessment – Proprietary, comprehensive assessment to assess your state of wellbeing and lifestyle patterns that may be holding you back from high performance states.
Craft Your 6-Month Roadmap

Set your eyes on the most audacious goals to take your career to the next level. This is where we curate a personalized plan to amplify your strengths aka “Zone of Genius” and address opportunities and blind spots that subconsciously limit your upward climb.

Execute With Finesse

Results-driven 1:1 Power Coaching based on the Boardroom Zen Signature Approach. This is where we strategize, review progress towards goals, address obstacles hindering progress and drive accountability to help you realize your goals.

Designed for "You" Strategies

Simple, effective and actionable strategies hand picked for you to operate at peak levels in high pressure environments. Integrate these strategies into day to day or double down when you find yourself in stressful situations.

Advisory Support on Demand

Get on-demand support outside of regular coaching sessions to discuss time-sensitive matters or seek advisory support.

Results That Matter

Retake the Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) Assessment to evaluate progress since the start of the program.

Gain tremendous confidence, undeniable executive presence and ability to operate at peak levels of performance with ease. Surpass your career goals without compromising on your quality of life and sense of purpose.

Real Stories, Real Results

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Don’t settle for mediocrity

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Resilience & Wellbeing

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Learn how to prioritize self-care, set healthy boundaries, and manage your energy, so you can avoid burnout and cultivate a sustainable lifestyle that promotes high performance.

Thriving under Pressure

Pressure is a privilege. Learn to embrace pressure with tools and strategies to succeed in high-stress environments.

Owning Your Voice at Work

Silence is not golden. Speak up, stand out, and own your voice at work. Embrace practical tools and strategies to confidently communicate your ideas, opinions, and value in any workplace setting.

Mastering the Art of Alliance Building

Collaborate to elevate. Learn how to create meaningful connections and collaborations that drive success.

Building an Enviable Brand

Your brand is your story. Learn how to build a personal brand that communicates your unique value proposition, builds trust and opens up new opportunities for growth and impact.

Workshops & Roundtables

Megha is a trusted advisor to organizations. She has led high-impact workshops & roundtables for Fortune 500 and Non Profits across United States and Asia Pacific.

Recent Clients:
Spectrum, Comcast, Tata Consultancy Services, CSG, Fireminds, ATN International, The WICT Network, Galoras, Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship – JMI, and many others

Speaking Engagements

Megha is a seasoned presenter that blends powerful storytelling with a compelling stage presence to leave lasting impact on any audience. She  has influenced thousands through her powerful keynotes across US, India, China and Hong Kong.

Recent Engagements: Micron Technology, IEEE, Project Management Institute, The Ohio State University, Institution’s Innovation Council


High Performance Blueprint: Do More With Ease

The research is clear! High performance is predicated on the level of energy we possess. Chronic stress blocks our ability to effectively manage energy reserves and stay in a state of flow.

This talk exposes simple yet mighty, scientifically proven practices to tap into energy reserves of mind and body. In this session, the participants will be exposed to powerful strategies from Boardroom Zen’s “High Performance Blueprint” – something that is unfortunately not taught in the classroom or the boardroom. This signature topic is ideal for leaders that aspire to achieve more with less, while harnessing the power of focus, presence and creativity.

Leadership Reinvented: Rise like a Phoenix

It’s clear that the world has gone through an epic shift over the last 3 years. Like never before, today’s business leaders are bombarded with challenges of great complexity and scale. A new strain of leadership DNA is in emergence that’s calling leaders to steer with conviction in the darkest hours, blaze new trails and find new ways of problem solving, while staying true to who they are.

Arie de Geus once said: “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” The same is true for today’s leaders. They have a choice to make – embrace this new strain or stay the course! In this talk, we will unpack the 4 elements that make up this strain of leadership DNA. The talk highlights how integrating these elements into their leadership style can be a gamechanger and help maximize impact.

From Contacts to Connections: The Pathway to Professional Growth

Tired of attending networking events and collecting a stack of business cards without seeing any real results? Do you feel like you’re missing out on opportunities because you don’t have a strong or broad enough network? In this talk, you will discover the importance of building authentic relationships, creating a personal brand, and establishing credibility within your network.

You’ll learn how to make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd, as well as how to cultivate connections that can lead to new opportunities and partnerships. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your contacts into valuable connections that speak for you when you’re not in the room.

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